Water Savers
proven water-saving products combine efficient water use with sustainable design, allowing the products to last for years in outdoor environments. In the hands of the professional contractor, Davidson Irrigation will help save water, no matter what type of landscape is being irrigated or where it's located. Davidson's focus is to develop innovative, professional products for efficient irrigation.

All AC-powered controllers are EPA WaterSense certified smart controllers when paired with the Solar Sync sensor. The Solar Sync weather sensor automatically adjusts run times based on onsite weather conditions.

Rain Sensors
Rain Sensors are required for water conservation.

Proper product for the landscape area/plant material; separate micro-climates into their own zones Installation Follow the design (for the most efficient system) and use proper installation techniques (for lower maintenance costs, and longer system life)

Have the controller scheduled properly for the right amount of water for each type of plant material and change the schedule based on local weather conditions

Schedule periodic inspections with professionals to ensure proper system functioning, make repairs as needed, and update products when appropriate

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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