Lighting Services

Davidson Irrigation brings magic lightning to your front and back yards. Get a free estimate today and call us.

Why should you consider exterior and landscape lighting:

Improves the look
of your yard and home
Adds value
to your property
Provides security by keeping your property illuminated

Landscape Lighting

Davidson Irrigation landscape lighting for walkways, driveways, plants and buildings. Lights don’t simply turn on and off. They come alive!

Plant Lighting

Davidson Irrigation uses modern technology and innovation built into our products to guide you along a sustainable path and brighter future.

Wall Lighting

Seamlessly integrating “WALL” Lights into outdoor lighting enhances safety, and defines edges. Ask Davidson Irrigation to see your many styles.

Dock Lighting

Pool Cage Lighting

Landscape Lighting Design


You’ve spent money and time making your landscaping into a lush, tropical oasis. Why only enjoy it in the daylight. Highlight your property’s most defining features with beautiful landscape lighting. At Davidson, we can create a stunning nighttime scene using LED lighting on any area of your property including walkways, trees, gardens, patios, pools and driveways. 


Provide security for your family and guests by illuminating walkways and driveways so they don’t stumble over unseen hazards. Your family can safely enjoy every part of your property at night. Plus, exterior lighting can provide additional security even in the darkest areas of your property. Motion detectors will fully illuminate your property when a potential intruder enters the area, preventing burglaries and vandalism 

Curb Appeal

There are many ways Davidson can highlight your property’s most distinctive details with custom lighting design. Highlight trees, shrubs, pools and gardens with a wide variety of lighting configurations and colors. Our lighting designers will make your home the showplace of your neighborhood. 

Exterior Lighting

Your home is your castle, and at night it can really shine. Architectural and exterior lighting can accentuate the character of your entire property by highlighting the unique features of your structures and landscape.

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We use top quality products – Sprinkler heads, piping, controllers, rain sensors, timers and products to establish proper working order of your spinkler system. Our experience will assure that your landscape will maintain proper irrigation all year long in this Florida heat.