‘Watering Days’- For the Love of Well Pumps

By: Neida Carvalho, Owner of Davidson Irrigation

When it’s time to water the lawn in Southwest Florida, well pump owners can rest easy knowing they have a clean water supply with NO water bills! While the monthly cost is nonexistent, well pump water equipment and maintenance has its own cost. Depending on the model, most systems last between 5 to 7 years in the harsh conditions of Southwest Florida, so maintaining well water systems can get expensive over time. With some tips and information about your well pump maintenance or upgrades, you can enjoy your well water with as little trouble as possible. 


One concern homeowners may have with pumps is experiencing low or undesirable water pressure. From an irrigation standpoint, we can install different nozzles to improve coverage with your existing pump. But, if you pair your well pump system with a booster pump, you can increase water pressure to all the fixtures in your home easily and quickly, regardless of the type of well pump you are using. 


Most water treatment systems are designed for two to four people living in one dwelling, but they degrade after 5 years. The chemicals don’t work as well, so the unit needs to be re-bedded or replaced. You can re-bed the chemicals into your water treatment system, but it’s probably more cost-effective to replace the unit and go back under warranty, with our service to assist. 


Are you tired of hearing that whirring water tank outside your home? It can be a distracting and inconvenient addition to your comfortable home environment. Getting a newer, more upgraded system installed and making other constructive improvements to your watering system can provide ‘better’ and healthier water overall. 


Can’t stand the thought of drinking out of the same rusty, smelly aerator tank that frogs swim in? We can install a brand new sulfur unit, softener unit, and carbon filter to replace that old school, nasty aeration tank. We know frogs love to swim, but you don’t need to drink from their pool, yuck! 

At Davidson Irrigation, we will gladly accommodate getting your well pump upgraded and running beautifully. We can assist you with our professional services at the ready, on appointment anytime. Call us for both well or city water supply treatment, we can upgrade your water system, and help your family enjoy your water in all its forms.

Count on our team of experts, and we can easily address your water issues!